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Jun. 11th, 2012 05:48 pm
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This is a personal writing journal for the fanfic of the same name being written by me, CaerSidydd. This journal is devoted solely to helping me find the voices of my characters and keep chapters and ideas organised. Not everything in the drabbles, sentences, and short stories that I post here will be considered canon to the main work. Some is just character finding.

As of July 7, 2013 the original archive was purged in order to reorganise it into a format I personally could find more appealing.


(Character List)

(Time Line)

(Glossary of Terms)


Jul. 7th, 2013 03:32 pm
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In This Time Imperfect time is divided into three epochs. They are:

??? Wingly Era or W.E.
1 - 11682 Human Era or H.E.
1 - 2562 After Moonfall or A.M.F.

This timeline starts in 2500 AMF )
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WarBetweenBrothers IStandForMyKing IFollowMyKing
The King of Sandora
The Gold General
The Violet General
King of the Sovereign State of Sandora, he inherited the throne at age 22 and has been at war with his cousin over full control of the country of Sandora for five years. Joined the knighthood of Sandora when he was 17. Worked his way up the ranks, distinguishing himself on the field of battle and being an exemplary knight. Now age 41 he is Commander of the First Knighthood. Met Richard when he was 15 years old. Joined the army at age 17 and distinguished himself as a powerful force on the field of battle. Now age 30 he is Commander of the Second Knighthood.

BrotherStandBesideMe BodyOfSin BoyFromLidiera
Grand Prince Garrett
Son of Lidiera
Regnal name: Garrett he is the Grand Prince of the Sovereign Principality of North Serdio. He was crowned at age 16. Now 32, his rule has ever been fraught with difficulty, and not just the difficulty of war. Brought to court by Adel's grandfather and placed on his council as a junior tactician when she was just 12 years old. No one is quite certain where she comes from. She continues to serve Adel as his senior tactician. Was a victim of the Sunset Island Massacre, he was thrown into Fort Gilda when he was 17. Now 23 he's suffered more in six years than any man should, and yet he remains upbeat.

SacredSilver PureHeartDarkHeart DewEyedGirl
Sister of Sacred Silver
Daughter of Neet
The Lost Girl
Joined the Sacred Sisters of the Silver Dragon when she was 10 years old. Trained in the use of all things bow and bow like as well as the short sword. Now 21, she doesn't rank very high but what she lacks in standing she makes up for with enthusiasm. Her hometown was utterly destroyed when Serdio attacked Neet. Out of necessity she joined the Sacred Knighthood of Mille Seseau, but found herself surrounded by hypocrites and left again to make her way in the world by her sword. Given into Viola's care when she was 5 years old. She was taught by Viola to defend herself with the mace. Despite this she is a shy and gentle girl. Now 11, her only desire to to be useful to her friends and one day meet her mother again.

She who creates herself
Something escaped from Kadessa 62 years ago...

This Time Imperfect

2,562 years after the destruction of the Moon That Never Sets the world of Endiness is again in dire peril. The Dragoon Spirits awaken to offer their aid, but is it enough to save a dying world?

July 2013

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